American National Standard for Gas Detector Tube Units - Short Term Type for Toxic Gases and Vapors in Working Environments International Safety Equipment Association / 25-May-1990 / 11 pages This standard sets forth the performance requirements for gas detector tube units and components, which are used to determine the concentrations of toxic gases and vapors in working environments.
Limited-Use and Disposable Coveralls - Size and Labeling Requirements International Safety Equipment Association / 06-Jan-1997 / 12 pages This standard establishes size and wear test requirements for limited-use and disposable coveralls. This standard includes a sizing chart to assist the wearer in the selection of the correct garment size. It also establishes minimum labeling and packaging requirements for these garments.
Air Sampling Devices - Diffusive Type for Toxic Gases and Vapors in Working Environments International Safety Equipment Association / 13-Jul-1998 / 17 pages This standard seeks to provide manufacturers and end users of diffusive samplers with guidance concerning the tests to be used in evaluating samplers for various air sampling applications. This standard is not intended as a means of sampler classification, nor as a means by which the performance of different samplers can be strictly...
American National Standard for Fixed and Portable Decontamination Shower Units International Safety Equipment Association / 19-May-2008 / 10 pages ANSI/ISEA 113-2008 provides manufacturers, users, and specifiers with a consistent set of design guidance in the form of minimum performance requirements and testing procedures for decontamination showers.
High-Visibility Safety Apparel International Safety Equipment Association / 08-Jan-2010 / 43 pages Specifies three conspicuity classes of garments based on the wearer's activities. Class 3 garments provide the highest level of conspicuity to workers with high task loads in a wide range of weather conditions where traffic exceeds 50 mph; Class 2 garments are intended for users who need greater visibility in inclement weather conditions and whose activities occur near roadways where...
American National Standard for Air-Purifying Respiratory Protective Smoke Escape Devices International Safety Equipment Association / 02-Jun-2009 / 45 pages The purpose of this standard shall be to provide minimum requirements for respiratory protective escape devices that provide limited protection for 15 minutes for adult civilian escape from the byproducts of fire, including particulate matter, carbon monoxide, other toxic gases, and the effects of radiant heat.
American National Standard - Minimum Requirements for Workplace First Aid Kits and Supplies International Safety Equipment Association / 08-May-2009 / 15 pages This standard establishes minimum performance requirements for first aid kits and their contents that are intended for use in various work environments.
Emergency Eyewash and Shower Equipment International Safety Equipment Association / 14-Sep-2009 / 27 pages This standard is intended to provide uniform minimum requirements for the performance, use, installation, test procedures, maintenance and training of emergency eyewash and shower equipment.
American National Standard for Classification and Performance Requirements for Chemical Protective Clothing International Safety Equipment Association / 29-Sep-2010 / 46 pages This standard is intended to provide chemical protective clothing manufacturers with minimum requirements for testing, categorizing, and labeling chemical protective clothing. To assist the users of products covered under this standard, this document provides descriptions of referenced test methods. It is not the...
American National Standard for Occupational and Educational Eye and Face Protection Devices International Safety Equipment Association / 13-Apr-2010 ANSI/ISEA Z87.1-2010 establishes performance criteria and testing requirements for devices used to protect the eyes and face from injuries from impact, non-ionizing radiation and chemical exposure in workplaces and schools. It covers all types of protector configurations including spectacles (plano and prescription), goggles, faceshields,...
Personal Protection - Protective Headwear for Industrial Workers International Safety Equipment Association / 26-Jan-2009 / 34 pages This standard provides performance and testing requirements for industrial helmets, commonly known as hard hats. It is a revision of ANSI Z89.1-2003, which established the types and classes of protective helmets, depending on the type of hazard encountered. It includes specifications for helmets designed to offer protection from lateral impact, or top-only...
Hand Protection Selection Criteria International Safety Equipment Association / 25-Feb-2011 / 26 pages The purpose of this standard is to provide manufacturers with a mechanism to classify their products for specified areas of glove performance. The information from this testing and classification can be used to help users to select appropriate hand protection.
American National Standard for Classification of Insulating Apparel Used in Cold Work Environments International Safety Equipment Association / 17-Feb-2012 / 18 pages This standard establishes classification requirements for occupational apparel items worn in cold environments. The apparel items specified in this standard are passively insulated, i.e., designed to regulate body temperature of the wearer by inhibiting heat transfer away from the body.
American National Standard for High Visibility Public Safety Vests International Safety Equipment Association / 17-Oct-2011 / 30 pages The American National Standard for High-Visibility Public Safety Vests (ANSI/ISEA 207-2011) is the authoritative document for the design, performance specifications, and use of high-visibility vests specifically worn by public safety employees including law enforcement, firefighters and incident command personnel. The revised standard represents an update to...
Complete Set of ISEA Standards International Safety Equipment Association / 2010
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