Other VBI Waveforms standard published 12/01/2007 by Consumer Electronics Association Product Details Published:12/01/2007 ANSI Approved Number of Pages:23 File Size:1 file , 370 KB Full Description CEA-2020 specifies four Vertical Blanking Interval (VBI) waveforms in commercial use. The electrical properties of the waveforms are covered, but the meaning of the payload data is not. The waveforms apply to 525-line, interlaced (i.e. 480i) analog television signals. The waveforms may be present on...
Fiber-Optic Channel Specification Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Nov-1999 / 18 pages In conjunction with ANSI/EIA-709.1-A Control Network Protocol Specification, EIA-709.4 defines a complete 7-layer protocol stack for communications on an EIA-709.4 single-fiber (half-duplex) fiber-optic channel. EIA-709.4 specifies the physical layer (OSI Layer 1) requirements for the EIA -709.4 fiber-optic channel which encompasses the interface to the Media Access Control (MAC) layer and the...
A Floor-to-Ceiling Guide for Residential Speaker Systems Planning, Selection and Installation for Optimum Performance Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Oct-2006 / 38 pages This recommended practice is an informative reference for the installation, application and placement of speakers in residential environments.
Recommended Practice for Transmitter Control and Status Indication in Transmitting Portable Electronic Devices (T-PEDs) Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Jan-2007 / 59 pages This recommended practice sets forth a series of provisions that collectively constitute a feature set outlining terminology and indicators to determine transmit and operational status of transmitting portable electronic devices (T-PEDs) and facilitate ease of operation in controlling transmitters in T-PEDs to aid in...
Recommended Loudspeaker Safety Practices Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Aug-2007 / 47 pages This document is intended to provide a guide to manufacturers wishing to test their loudspeaker products and components for the existence of specific safety concerns. Loudspeaker specifications and tests that relate to specific safety issues are provided for consideration but may not be inclusive. Accordingly, this document cannot be used as the ultimate standard for loudspeaker safety. These...
Joint EIA/CVCC Recommended Practice for Teletext: North American Basic Teletext Specification (NABTS) Consumer Electronics Association / 01-May-1988 / 91 pages Specifies the transmission technique, coding language and user interface for one-way broadcast teletext-service applications in North America.
Home Theater Recommended Practice: Audio Design Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Mar-2009 / 46 pages Home Theater Audio Design provides a baseline for the design and installation of residential spaces to be used for home theater or multi-channel music playback. While these two applications are its focus, many of the practices are applicable to multi-purpose, two channel and other acoustic spaces.
A/V Synchronization Processing Recommended Practice Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Jul-2009 / 22 pages This recommended practice outlines the steps that an MPEG decoder should take to ensure and maintain audio/video synchronization. Such synchronization is necessary for end-viewer satisfaction.
Test Methods of Measurement for Audio Amplifiers Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Dec-2001 / 33 pages This standard defines test conditions and test measurement procedures for determining various performance characteristics of single-channel and multi-channel power amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, integrated amplifiers, receivers, and tuner/pre-amplifiers that use AC mains power. These performance characteristics include power output, total harmonic distortion (THD) and sensitivity, among...
Turntable Measurement Standard Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Jan-2004 / 23 pages This document has been designed to provide the common basis for specification and measurement of performance of record playing equipment. It defines both primary and secondary performance specifications together with practical and simple methods of measuring these specifications.
F-Connector Color Coding for Home Television Systems Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Nov-2010 / 12 pages Defines the colors for marking F-Connectors commonly used for electronic devices in a home television system.
Cable Compatibility Requirements Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Aug-2005 / 21 pages This standard defines the minimum requirements that shall be met by digital cable TV systems and digital TV receivers such that the receivers may be connected directly to the RF output of the cable system to provide specified baseline services.
High Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Feb-2008 / 24 pages This standard defines two raster-scanning systems for the representation of stationary or moving two-dimensional images sampled temporally at a constant frame rate. The first image format specified is 1280 x 720 samples (pixels) inside a total raster of 750 lines. The second image format specified is 1920 x 1080 samples (pixels) inside a total raster of 1125 lines. Both image formats...
National Renewable Security Standard (NRSS) Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Oct-2005 / 181 pages NRSS provides two physical designs. Part A defines a removable and renewable security element form factor that is an extension of the ISO-7816 standard. Part B defines a removable and renewable security element based on the PCMCIA C Card form factor. The common attributes allow either an NRSS-A or NRSS-B device to provide security for applications involving pay and subscription cable or...
Recommended Practice for DTV Receiver "Monitor" Mode Capability Consumer Electronics Association / 01-May-2007 / 10 pages
A DTV Profile for Uncompressed High Speed Digital Interfaces Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Mar-2008 / 159 pages This standard defines video timing requirements, discovery structures, and a data transfer structure (InfoPacket) that is used for building uncompressed, baseband, digital interfaces on digital televisions (DTV) or DTV monitors. A single physical interface is not specified, but any interface implemented must use VESA Enhanced Extended Display Identification Data Standard...
Standard Definition TV Analog Component Video Interface Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Apr-2007 / 19 pages This standard defines the physical characteristics of an interface and the parameters of the signals carried across that interface, using three parallel channels for the interconnection of equipment operating with analog component video signals. The standard includes specifications for : (1) 480i video format defined by 480 active lines, 525 total lines, 2:1 interlaced at 59.94...
Multi-Channel TV Sound System BTSC System Recommended Practices Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Jul-1985 / 313 pages This document is intended to serve the industry in the form of recommendations for anyone wishing to practice multichannel television sound (MTS) in accordance with the BTSC system and the FCC Rules governing its use. Both the FCC Report and Order in Docket 21323 which authorized MTS and the OST Bulletin No.60 (OST 60 gives a technical description of the BTSC system)...
Standard Method of Measurement for Compact Disc Players Consumer Electronics Association / 01-Jun-1990 / 51 pages This standard defines measurement methods and the form of disclosure for performance characteristics of consumer compact disc (CD) players. It applies to domestic reproducing equipment for CDs.
Best Practices for Implementing Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) based Alerts for Consumer Electronics Devices Consumer Electronics Association / 18-Oct-2011 / 32 pages This document provides recommended practices, independent of delivery method, for CAP-encoded data usage among various consumer electronics devices that process CAP-encoded data. The document includes guidelines for filtering and device response. The document does not address the usage of CAP-encoded data that is converted by...
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